What’s the reason behind name of “PIGGY BANK INTERNATIONAL SHORT FILM FESTIVAL”?

Every film maker make his first short film by his saved money. This is the reason; we decide to start a unique moving film festival to honor the feelings of film maker’s first film produced by his/her pocket money, through PIGGY BANK.

What is the Piggy Bank International Short Film Festival

The festival is dedicated to celebrating and sharing with national and international audiences the World’s best in films and screenplays, film scores, 20+ other genres, celebrities, a gala awards ceremony, and film screenings of the world’s best independent films.

What are the goals of the Piggy Bank International Short Film Festival?

One of our major objectives is to showcase culture and tradition of world through cinema. We can see films or culture via internet but we are trying to gather world’s culture in one platform i.e. Piggy Bank International Short Film Festival.

At The Piggy Bank International Short Film Festival, we look for films that entertain, inform, inspire, encourage and educate, with a unique story, and well-told. We believe that films contribute to a healthier society and that films should encourage audiences to be actively involved in, collectively and individually, addressing social challenges. Piggy Bank screens narrative, documentary, music video and animation films that are innovative, distinctive, compelling and engaging, relevant to varied audiences, and which encourage participation. We welcome individual expression and we are committed to presenting diverse points of view. Piggy Bank aims, to increase awareness by providing multiple viewpoints, addressing complex social issues, providing forums for deliberation, and strengthening ties between national and international audiences.